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BBB Consumer Notices




People looking for love tend to let their guard down. Unfortunately, there are tricksters out there who count on that. If you’re looking for the love of your life online, Better Business Bureau would like you to avoid logging on to an online romance scam. To avoid “catfishing” scams, BBB suggests: Reading the signs. Beware of those who prey on your emotions by claiming to be trapped in a foreign country or involved in an emergency, and needing you to wire them money. This is a red flag for a “catfishing” scam. And Create a separate email. Only use this account for online dating. Not only is it an easy way to keep dating emails separate from personal and professional e-mails, it also keeps your primary email address private. 


Many consumers are finalizing vacation plans and that also means whether to opt in or out of travel insurance. Better Business Bureau is advising travelers to weigh the pros and cons of travel insurance before going on an extensive trip. Check your current coverage. Expensive items may be covered by homeowners insurance or if you become sick or injured while traveling your personal medical insurance my pick up the cost of your medical bills. And Pay with a credit card. Protect yourself further by paying for travel related expenditures, including insurance, with a credit card.



By Alan Bligh | Regional Director
Better Business Bureau – Corpus Christi, Texas







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